Alishine Profile

ALISHINE was started in 2004 as a manufacturer of LED lighting, and in the year of 2014 with a mission to drive clean energy moving forward in the world by providing alternative energy solutions for city light, commercial applications, and residential. Our goal is to enhance the shift to renewable energy by providing all-in-one Solar solutions to our customers from design to installation.

We pride ourselves on providing high-efficiency solar products that come with safe design and comprehensive warranties. We ensure dedicated customer support at each step of solar power projects to make clean energy accessible for all.

ALISHINE'S purpose is to unlock the extraordinary potential of Sunlight for brighter lives and a better carbon-free world. We achieve this through living our values, innovation, passion for sustainability, and desire to transform people's lives.

  • The production and R&D center occupies an area of ​​about 4,500+ square meters

  • Totally 150 employees in Shenzhen and the branches in South East Aisa and Middle East



Our customers are looking for a product that differentiates itself from the competition, whether based on performance or vision, or both. Our customers are looking for a supplier who listens carefully and can act, not just sell a product that may not reach the user's idea


We think from different perspectives and always face our products with the mindset of consumers. Consumers pay attention to quality, and the core of quality is raw material control. If we advance quality control to raw materials, are you still worried about the quality of finished products?


Employees are the cornerstone of company development. Increase employee belonging with respect and trust. Employees give back to the enterprise with a sense of responsibility. The company is more like a big family with the same goals, teamwork, and customer service.


Our understanding of technology comes from the various projects we've been involved in, not books, tell me what you need and we can use technology to make it happen.

Production Equipments

Provide Reliable Production Quality with Modern and Automatic Production Equipments

Battery Auto welding machine

Auto battery test and sorting

Automatic Battery aging machine

Auto Charge and discharge 

Auto solar panel welding 

 Integrating sphere

Photometric Testing device

Auto Aging line

Manufacture Center

We are developing ourselves every day


R&D, manufacturing, and sales center in Shenzhen, China

Sales Department

50-person sales department, 24/7 customer service


The assembly line covers battery pack, solar panel assembly, finished product assembly, and aging


A warehouse of about 1,000 square meters is used to store finished raw materials and improve the speed of order delivery

Our Team

Sale Team

We are an international sales team, and we are committed to providing users with a localized communication experience. We are online 24/7 and respect and cherish every communication with you.

R&D Team

The experienced R&D team can design and improve products from the user's point of view. All team members have 6 years or more of industry experience.

QC Team

The trustable QC team members have working experience in large factories, and meticulous and strict quality control is our core business philosophy. 

Our customers

Find out why so many companies prefer us over others!

These street lights as one of my company projects to enhance lighting on the side of the farm. With the light on during the actual lighting stage meaning it's after dark and the light has come on and in nightlight mode turn off the radar from the remote then hit the off/on button problem solved.The installation was simple.I found the location I wanted to mounted at and put it there simple right! No wiring, nothing to figure out just plan common sense. The sensor works perfect as well as the dimming feature if you don't want the lights as bright as they are which they are.

September 3, 2020


Purchase manager / A&E Energy Limited

These lights were very bright with a broad area of coverage. Light temperature was also nice, casting a natural white light throughout school. The package included screws for both mounting on a post as well as directly into a wall.The instructions were clear and I didn’t have any issues putting together the light. The light is rated IP65 so should be okay to install anywhere.I tested the the light by placing it next to some water sprinklers and it has been sprayed multiple times on a daily basis for over a week. And so far, there hasn’t been any issues at all with the lights operation.This a a great light, especially for the price compared to lights with similar brightness and durability.

January 6, 2020

R.and T.K. McAmis 

 sales manager / Abayo Services

"Textile has got everything I need. I am really satisfied with my Textile. Textile is the real deal!

October 28, 2021

Amanda Peterson

Marketing Director at Junk Food Co.

This is a great Solar light and at a great price from Alishine.
Before purchasing this solar light I compared its specs (battery capacity and life; charging time and operating duration from a single charge; brightness of light; construct material and warranty) to other similar solar lights on the market and this solar light seemed to be of higher standard but at a lower price than most of the other lights that I compared it to.
This is a great quality solar light that is packed with several features.It's extremely bright light and also the multitude of operating features, I have no reservation in recommending this solar light from Alishine. This is a 5 stars product and the customer support is responsive and excellent.

September 3, 2021


 Purchase manager / ACOB Technology Limited

"Textile has got everything I need. I am really satisfied with my Textile. Textile is the real deal!

October 28, 2021

Amanda Peterson

Marketing Director at Junk Food Co.

This product works very well for our large driveway and parking areas. I have now installed 30 of these and 40 units is being installed in the next few weeks. It is true that the solar panels would be more efficient if they were tilted up somewhat. These South facing panels are able to recharge the batteries without any issue as they are now set up even thought they are up and down, not tilted.
I have also been in touch with the "Alishine" and he is very helpful and responsive to my questions. I really like that I did not have to change any setting on the lamps, they simply worked right out of the box. They come on automatically at dusk and have plenty of power until the morning.

July 6, 2021

Mr. Williams

 CEO / SAS Alterelec

"Textile has got everything I need. I am really satisfied with my Textile. Textile is the real deal!

October 28, 2021

Amanda Peterson

Marketing Director at Junk Food Co.


I ordered these lights to light up the area in front of my factory. They do a WONDERFUL job! They also LOOK AWESOME and they are very easy to install. 
Best of all, they turn on automatically when it gets dark and they STAY ON ALL NIGHT.The entire set-up is solar and costs me nothing to run. I LOVE IT!

September 14, 2021

Tom Scaff

Purchase manager / Avezgouzenergy

"Textile has got everything I need. I am really satisfied with my Textile. Textile is the real deal!

October 28, 2021

Amanda Peterson

Marketing Director at Junk Food Co.