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All In One Solar Street Light-23

Solar photovoltaic products, has been applied to promote in the market for years, in addition to the triumph of photovoltaic power station, there is also a more welcome promotion from the field, that is street light, street light is everywhere, urban and rural are some application field is very wide: household, roads, streets, highways, large crossing, park, square, overpasses, station, railway stations, airports, bus stations, highways, high-speed, bridge, Bridges, urban, rural and urban areas, ring road, communities, schools, stadiums, factory district, transportation, botanical garden, ecology garden, a zoo, science and technology park, and so on.The successful popularization of solar street lamp is also an effective case of utilizing solar photovoltaic.

Application fields of solar street lamps include:

1. The roads in rural and rural areas street lighting.

2. Lighting in city square, parking lot, school playground, workers' green space and park.

3. Lighting of golf course, beach, high-grade villas, etc.

4. Highway warning sign source, bridge street lamp power source replacement, etc.

Application of 30W All in one solar street lights installed in China