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Solar Street Light

10 Apr

Solar Street Light

  • The trend of solar light

Lighting consumes a large portion of electricity. Electricity requires energy. Most of the nation's electricity was generated by natural gas, nuclear energy, and coal. But the storage of traditional energy in our planet is limited. The cost is climbing every year and most of the ways we get energy are not environment friendly. The sun provides more than enough energy to meet the whole world's energy needs, and unlike traditional energy, it won't run out anytime soon. As a renewable energy source, solar energy is free, clean, easy to obtain and practically limitless. Solar light is a trend and best solution of lighting.


  • The applications of solar light

Having developed many years, solar light now is stable and cost effective. Infrastructure like street light also adopts the solar power solution. Solar street light is more and more popular. You can also mention it as the name of solar lantern, PV lamp or off grid light or luminario solar. Solar power lighting system is widely used in the applications of park lighting, outdoor security lighting, roadway lighting, rural lighting, school lighting, industrial and commercial lighting, yard lighting, deck lighting and airport Lighting.

  • How to choose different items of solar street light

The price and cost truly depend on the market and clients' requirements. As a recognized solar street light manufacturer, Alishine is specialized in solar street light and can meet different budgets.

  1. Cost effective integrated models.

Athena and Nox. They are integrated solar street light and have patented private housing and are cost effective and easy to install.

  1. Classic models.

Apollo and Odin. They have classic outlook. Odin is Apollo with camera. They are also integrated solar street light.

They are good choices for country rebuilding project.

  1. High luminous efficiency model

Thor uses the Bridgelux high efficiency 5050 led chips. It is also integrated solar street light . The housing is private patented mould and the producing process is die casting. You can not find the same outlook from other company.

  1. Separated solar street lights

Siv is the separated solar light model. People who like the separated model can choose this one.

  1. Special energy saving light withatmosphere light

Balder is a special light. The 1st one of the integrated solar street light with an atmosphere light in the world.

CE/ROHS approved. Private mold, small size, 20W but high lumen output, nicely designed for your yard, for the community, and for the park and trails.

  1. IoT street light

Thor and Apollo support the extension of IoT and camera. With real time IoT monitoring, the maintenance can be reduced and it is much easier for data collection. Camera will reduce the crime rate. It is good choice for public lighting project. IoT solar street light also shows urban modernization.