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Technical Advantage Of All In One Solar LED Street Light

Jul. 31, 2018

Easy installation: When installing All In One Solar LED Street Light, do not need to set up complex lines, only make a cement base, make a battery pit, and fix it with galvanized bolts. It does not need to consume a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. The installation is simple, there is no need to wire or “open the belly” to dig the ground construction, and there is no power outage and power limitation. 

Less investment:Integrated Solar Led Street Light Supplier will be invested once and benefit in the long run. Because the lines are simple, no maintenance costs will be incurred and no expensive electricity charges will be generated. 6-7 years to recover the cost, 3-4 years to save more than 1 million electricity and maintenance costs. The circuit lamp can be omitted, the electricity cost is high, the line is complicated, and the line needs to be repaired for a long time without interruption. In the case of special voltage instability, the sodium lamp is easy to be damaged, and as the age increases, the line aging and maintenance costs are increasing year by year.

Good safety performance: Due to the low voltage of 12-24V, the solar street lamp has stable voltage, reliable operation and no hidden dangers. It is an ideal product for the ecological community and the road administration department.There are no accidents such as electric shock or fire. The safety of the circuit lights in the city is great. People's living environment is constantly changing. Road reconstruction, landscape engineering construction, power supply is not normal, and cross-construction of water gas pipelines brings many hidden dangers.

 All In One Solar LED Street Light