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​Which Is Better, Solar Street Light Or Ordinary Street Light?

Apr. 10, 2019

Which is better, All In One Solar LED Street Lights or street lamps? In fact, the specific to the actual situation to determine:

Rural solar street lamps are mainly composed of solar panels, LED light sources, solar controllers and waterproof batteries, etc. Moreover, the brightness of rural solar street lamps is three times that of ordinary street lamps, which also extends the service life of batteries and reduces the cost of rural solar street lamps. In addition, rural solar street lamps mainly have the following benefits:

                                          Integrated Solar Street Light

1. Easy and fast installation, no complex lines, just a cement base can be fixed;

2. One-time investment, no maintenance costs, no need to pay electricity, long-term benefits can be guaranteed;

3. Solar street lamps in rural areas use direct current less than 36V, so there is no need to worry about safety;

3. Tthe rural solar street lamp panels can use for 25 years, the service life of the LED light source can reach 50,000 hours, and its battery can be used for 5-7 years;

5. Rural solar street lamps are green and environmentally friendly, meeting the requirements of modern national environmental protection.

6. Rural Integrated Solar Street Light have relatively large investment in the early stage, but low maintenance and management cost and low failure rate in the later stage. Rural solar street lights are not standard pricing, mainly according to the specific needs of configuration. In addition, the price of rural solar street lamps is mainly composed of light source lamps, LED power supply and lamp poles. In other words, the factors determining the price of rural solar street lamps mainly include the following aspects:

1. Style and size of lamps and lanterns;

2. Internet speed and brand of light source;

3. LED power supply brand and wattage;

4. The height of the light pole, material and thickness and other factors.