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How to judge the quality of solar energy energy-saving street lamp controller?

Jun. 10, 2019

As the control component of All In One Solar Street Light (solar garden lamp), solar controller plays an irreplaceable role in the solar street lamp system, such as human brain or computer processor. Although it is small, it plays a core role, so it is particularly important to choose a high-quality controller. The following is a brief introduction to the selection of controller needs to pay attention to a few points:

One: exit protection voltage

Some users found that after working for a period of time, especially after several consecutive rainy days, the solar street lamp will continue for several days or even many days without bright, test battery voltage is normal, the controller, the light source is no fault. This problem has made many maintenance personnel confused, in fact, this is the "exit undervoltage protection" voltage value problem, the higher the value set, the longer the recovery time after the undervoltage, which caused many days of normal work.

A quality controller should allow each customer to set the exit protection voltage according to the configuration. But it is worth noting that the panel configuration must be reasonable, if the amount of charging panels daily discharge can't meet that night, in the long term, often in a deep discharge, battery life shortens greatly, so the panel configuration must enlarge allowance, configuration of panels, the greater the exit to protect the low voltage can be set up, it won't cause the impact on the battery.

Two: constant current output

Due to its own characteristics, LED light source must be constant current or current limit, either normal use or impact on the life. Common LED lamp is through another drive power supply to achieve constant current of LED lamp, but this drive consumes a lot of power consumption. Therefore, people try to integrate constant current into the controller, which is not only easy to install, but also less power consumption.

All In One Solar Street Light

Three: output period

Ordinary controllers can only be set to turn off for several hours, such as 4 hours or 8 hours after the light is turned on, which cannot meet the needs of many customers. The quality controller should be able to set the time period freely, the time of each time period can be set arbitrarily, the on and off Settings of various modes, and even better, it can be independently set by sub-circuit.

Four: LED lamp output power adjustment

Among the lamps applied in solar energy, LED lamp is the most suitable to achieve different power output through pulse width adjustment. Control of pulse width or limit current at the same time, the duty cycle of LED lights the whole output adjustment, such as single atom 1 w LED string of 5 and 6 combined 30 w leds, discharge at night, late at night and early in the morning time can be separately power regulation, such as the middle of the night to adjust into 15 w, adjust into 24 w, in the morning and lock current, which can satisfy all night lighting, and saving the cost of the panels, battery configuration. It has been proved by long-term experiments that LED lights with pulse width adjustment mode generate much less heat and can prolong the service life of LED lights.

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