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How To Choose The Power Of Solar Street Lights?

Nov. 21, 2018

In recent years, solar energy has gradually developed in the field of power generation, and the solar street lamp has emerged. So, how much power should we choose when choosing a All In One Solar Street Light?

To understand this, we must first know our needs. For example, how long do you want to make solar street lights shine? The height of the solar street light pole, the distance between the street lights, and the width of the road surface, as well as the lighting conditions in the area where the solar street light is installed.

Generally, the purchase of solar energy is not given separately. It is for a set of equipment, so that you can install it directly after you buy it, and you no longer need to buy other equipment. However, the Solar Street Lighting System Price is different. The specific cost depends on how many watts of power you need. It needs to be lit for several hours every day. There are also solar street lights that need to be calculated according to continuous rainy days.

The general solar street light configuration is 30W power supply, 90W photovoltaic panel, 80AH battery, and the average is 8 hours per day. If the backup power is 3-5 days, the whole set is about 1,500, including the light pole, power supply, photovoltaic panel, The price of household batteries is relatively low, such as batteries, controllers, buried boxes, cables and basic embedded parts. The price of solar street lamps in rural and urban roads is higher.

We must integrate the above situations, and then specifically consider how large solar street lamps are suitable. We can report the specific numerical values to the manufacturers and let the manufacturers give us recommendations.

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