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What Problems Will The Solar Streetlights Encounter In Winter?

Dec. 10, 2018

In winter, due to lighting and other reasons, All In One Solar Street Light will have many problems, such as insufficient lighting time, etc., which is mostly caused by insufficient storage of batteries. So what is the cause of this problem?

In order to reduce costs, some customers have selected low-energy street lights. Winter lighting is not as good as summer, solar panels are not generating enough electricity, and the battery discharge in winter is only half of that in summer, so it cannot support the normal lighting of solar led street lights.

In addition to the above reasons, there are the following reasons:

1. When the battery of the solar led street lamp is buried, it is buried too shallow, the weather is cold in winter, and the battery will be "frozen" when it is frozen, resulting in insufficient discharge. In order to ensure the life of the battery, the battery should be buried at least 1 meter deep, and sand should be laid at the bottom to facilitate the dissipation of water;

2. The solar panels of Solar Street Lamp generate insufficient power, and the winter sun is not enough. The electricity generated every day is not enough to fill the battery. In some places, solar panels are blocked by high objects such as house trees or partially blocked due to light, resulting in insufficient power generation;

3. The solar panels of solar street lamps are not cleaned for a long time, and there is too much dust, which affects power generation. Some places are because of the frequent snow, snow covered solar panels cause insufficient power generation;

4. The solar street lamp battery reaches the service life limit. When the battery has charge and discharge times, the power will gradually decrease with the increase of the number of uses. The service life of the battery is about 3 years. When the energy storage battery is replaced in time, the street lamp can work normally.

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