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Some reasons why the solar street light is not working properly

May. 23, 2019

The solar energy road lamp light is not normal for the several reasons:

High Performance Solar Street Light supplier shares that at the same time of the popularity of solar street lamps, there are also some problems. According to the survey of social practice, the most common problem is what causes the on-off and off-off.

When the main reasons are not bright:

1. The selected battery capacity is small, resulting in insufficient power supply; Or the controller of the solar street lamp is not waterproof, continuous cloudy and rainy days lead to its failure and poor contact. This situation will bring a certain burden to the battery, will cause the phenomenon of aging battery.

2, or the power of the solar panel is too small, resulting in not being able to charge the battery in time, this situation generally appears after a period of time, the light will slowly dim down, a year or so is almost not bright;

3. The reason may also be that the LED lamp head power is too high, which may lead to premature aging caused by excessive discharge of the battery.

High Performance Solar Street Light supplier


When choosing street lamps, we should consider for the long term. We cannot cooperate with non-professional manufacturers to save money and buy cheap street lamps assembled by amateurs. Should negotiate with the manufacturer, according to the local road width, choice of lighting conditions, and the characteristics of the weather characteristics is most suited to the local environment of the street lamp, from the power to the adjustment of the lighting time, after manufacturer to adjust well to regular maintenance maintenance, found the problem in advance, if there is a general staff cannot solve the professional problems, be sure to contact the manufacturer field solution, amateurs free disassembly, lines or other components will lead to damage to cause unnecessary losses.

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