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How does solar street light work in rainy days?

Jul. 23, 2021

First of all, because the battery of the solar street light has the function of storing electric energy, it can absorb sunlight through the battery panel during the day, and then store the sunlight in the battery. At night, the street light controller will notify the battery to supply power to the solar street light. The ability of solar street lights to operate normally in cloudy and rainy days is related to the storage capacity of solar batteries. The larger the battery and solar panel, the more energy can be stored.

Under normal circumstances, the solar street light itself and the charging and discharging system are waterproof. The default number of rainy days for solar street lights produced by most solar street light manufacturers is two to three days, and the number of rainy days for integrated solar street lights will be slightly longer. As little as five days, as many as seven days. Explain that in the case of continuous rainy days for solar street lights, as long as the rainy days do not exceed the number of days specified in the product, even if the solar street lights cannot supplement the solar energy, they can still work normally. If the continuous rainy days exceed 6-7 days, the solar street lights The stored power will be exhausted and the light cannot be turned on temporarily.

How does solar street light work in rainy days?

The reason why solar street lights can continue to work in rainy and cloudy days is because a part of the battery stores electric energy. Without solar energy conversion, the street lights can continue to work for a period of time, but when the original stored electricity is exhausted The solar street light will stop working when it can't get the timely replenishment of sunlight.

The photo-voltaic components and batteries of solar street lights determine the number of rainy days, so these two parameters are important reference factors for purchasing solar street lights. If your local weather is relatively humid and there are more cloudy and rainy days, it is necessary to choose a solar street light with more cloudy and rainy days.

How does solar street light work in rainy days?

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