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How to choose a solar street light controller

Jul. 30, 2021

The solar street light controller is used in the solar lighting system and is responsible for coordinating the work of solar panels, lithium batteries, and loads. It is one of the most critical components in the solar street lighting system and provides guarantee for the efficient and safe operation of the entire solar lighting system.

solar street light controller

As a solar street light controller, it should have the following basic functions: charge the battery in the best charging state, automatically turn on and off the street light or load, and have overload protection, short circuit protection, reverse discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, Lightning protection, under-voltage protection, over-charge protection, load recovery settings.

 Attention should be paid to the selection of solar controller:

First: You should choose a controller with lower power consumption. The controller works 24 hours a day. If its own power consumption is large, it will consume part of the power. It is best to choose a controller with a power consumption below 3 mA.

Second: Choose a controller with high charging efficiency, a controller with a three-stage charging control mode of strong charging, balanced charging, and floating charging, using MCU intelligent control, and through internal calculations, it can always charge the battery with maximum power. Especially in winter or when the light is insufficient, the charging mode using MCU intelligent control is about 20% more efficient than the non-MCU intelligent controller.

Third: It has high-precision control. High-precision is a comprehensive manifestation of product design, as well as a manifestation of excellent materials and production processes. Non-high-precision control solar street light controllers often lead to high repair rates, poor reliability, and low market prices due to unreasonable product design, poor material selection, and so on.


Fourth: Only use a controller with two separate controls, which is convenient for power adjustment of the entire lamp. At night when pedestrians are scarce, one or two lights can be automatically turned off to save electricity, and the power of LED lights can be adjusted. In addition to the above power-saving functions, when setting the controller under-voltage protection value, try to adjust the under-voltage protection value to ≥ 10.8V to prevent over-discharge of the battery.

solar street light

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