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What Is The Installation Distance Of Solar Street Lights?

Jan. 08, 2019

The installation distance of Integrated Solar Street Light is based on the installation environment, as well as the model of the product. There are many factors that cause the installation distance of solar street lamps. The product parameters of LED solar street lamps play the most important determinant. Secondly, it will also be affected by the road. The impact of other factors such as the situation.

One: Scenic spots and parks generally prefer streetlights with a height of about 7 meters, especially new rural roads with a width of about 7 meters. Generally, it is installed by means of one-side interactive lighting, ensuring that the installation spacing is about 20-25 meters, and less than 20 meters will affect part of the lighting. A street lamp should be installed at the corner to avoid blind spots.

Second: Generally, when installing solar street lights, the number of solar street lights installed should also be determined according to actual conditions. Under the premise of such a set, when installing a street light, if the road that needs to install the street light is not unusually wide, it is better to install a street light on one side.

Three: The road with 12 meters of light poles should be more than 15 meters in width. The symmetrical lighting method should be adopted on both sides. The longitudinal spacing of solar street lamps with a height of 12 meters is generally recommended to be 30-50 meters.

Four: factory roads, village roads, urban roads, led solar street lights, such as 30W, 60W, 120w LED Solar Street Light, 150W.

120w LED Solar Street Light