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How To Reduce The Maintenance Rate Of Solar Street Lights?

Jan. 26, 2019

Large Outdoor Solar Lights use solar renewable resources to convert electricity into electricity, saving electricity bills. This is also a cost of solar street lights due to some common faults that are not maintained or improperly maintained. So how do you reduce the failure of solar street lights?

Always check the solar street lights for faults. We have to do the following four things:

1. Check the solar LED Outdoor Solar Street Lights regularly.

2. Observe the damage and use time of the battery.

3. Check whether the entire lamp body is damaged by electric leakage. 4, pay attention to waterproof, especially batteries and LED lights.

Regular inspection and maintenance of solar street lamps can effectively prevent the occurrence of solar street lamp failures, reduce the maintenance rate of solar street lamps, and thus reduce maintenance costs.

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