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Led Garden Lights Different Use Cases

Aug. 08, 2018

Since the development of street lamps, Solar Garden Lamp have been derived from different types according to the application environment and planning personality. They can be divided into three categories: European garden lights, modern garden lights and classical garden lights. These three types of led garden lights represent different personalities, and are also derived from the planning personality of most Integrated Solar LED Street Light Supplier in order to invest in urban buildings.

Although the use of garden lights is divided into three major types, its use advantage is that there is no difference, according to different illumination requirements, choose the appropriate use of light source, commonly used LED light source. Lamps are genuine 45 chips, long life, durable, drive using constant current and constant voltage belt protection device, drive voltage input 220V, input range 110-245V can be used, glass frosted surface, high brightness, led garden light The lighting effect is good.

In addition, led courtyard lighting line is not glare, waterproof, the lamp shell uses pure aluminum die-cast aluminum, good heat dissipation, the surface is stainless steel surface, rust-proof, high-end appearance.

Solar Garden Lamp