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LED Solar Street Light (energy source)

May. 09, 2019

100W All In One Solar Lighting Exporter China shares that solar energy is the energy produced by the continuous nuclear fusion reaction of sunspots inside or on the surface of the sun. In earth orbit of solar radiation intensity for an average of 1367 w / ㎡. The circumference of the earth's equator is 40000km, so it can be calculated that the energy gained by the earth can reach 173000TW. On sea level standard peak intensity of 1 kw / ㎡, the surface of the earth at some point of the annual average radiation intensity of 24 h is 0.20 kw / ㎡, equivalent to 102000 tw energy, human beings rely on this energy to survive, including all other forms of renewable energy, geothermal energy resources except), although the total solar energy resources used by the human equivalent of ten thousand times more energy, solar energy density low, and it varies from place to place, due to the circumstances, it is a major problem faced by the development and utilization of solar energy. These characteristics of solar energy will make it in the overall integrated energy system in the role of a certain limit.

100W High Performance Solar Street Light

Although the amount of energy the sun radiates into the earth's atmosphere is only about 2.2 billion times less than the total amount of energy it radiates, it is already a whopping 173,000TW, or the equivalent of 5 million tons of coal per second. On earth, wind, water, ocean temperature, wave and biomass energy and some tidal energy are derived from the sun. Even the fossil fuels on the earth (such as coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) are fundamentally the solar energy stored since ancient times, so the broad sense of solar energy includes a very large range, the narrow sense of solar energy is limited to the direct conversion of solar thermal, photoelectric and photochemical radiation energy.

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