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What Are The Factors That Affect The Scale Of LED Streetlights?

Nov. 13, 2018

What are the conditions for LED Solar Street Light to open up the scale application market? What adjustments and improvements are needed in the entire industry from the aspects of technology research and development, product quality, cost advantages, deepening application requirements, and exploring innovative business models? The above Solar Led Lamps Manufacturers have given the following suggestions:

First, strengthen the research and development of relevant standards. The standard problem has always been the highest voice in the industry. Due to the lack of standards and the lack of inspection and supervision, there are certain problems in the circulation chain of the whole product. This is especially true for LED street lamps. It does not solve the standardization problem, which will inevitably lead to a large number of non-standards. The existence of products makes the quality of the products unguaranteed. At the same time, due to the lack of some standards, the replacement of LED street lamps has brought great difficulties and become the biggest obstacle to scale application.

Second, increase technical research and development efforts to improve product comprehensive cost performance. Lack of independent innovation, new products that do not adapt to market development are difficult to stand on the market, especially for LED street lights. The cost advantages, maintainability, operability, service life and varied appearance of LED street lamp products need to be improved while continuously improving technological innovation. Therefore, the technology development capability and independent innovation level are improved. Scaled applications have a vital role to play.

Third, actively explore innovative business models. The innovative business model has become a trend in the development of the domestic LED street lamp market, and the new business model is directly related to the profitability of the company.

Fourth, deepen application requirements and improve professional service levels. As a class of products matures, the space for differentiation will become smaller and smaller, as is the case with LED street lights. With the increasingly fierce competition in the LED street lamp market, the differentiation between LED street lamp products has gradually narrowed. For engineering products such as street lamps, price and service are two important factors. Therefore, how to improve the product advantage by service becomes the key to occupying market share.

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