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Lighting Designs for your Projects

May. 12, 2020

Lighting Designs for your Projects

Do you know the lighting designs for your road before buying solar street lights?

The lighting method of the road and its related special places is divided into conventional lighting and high mast lighting.

There are five basic lighting modes for conventional lighting: 

1. One side arrangement

2. Two sides staggered arrangement

3. Two sides symmetrical arrangement

4. Horizontal suspension arrangement

5. Central symmetrical arrangement

The above disigns as shown in the following figure:


When using the conventional lighting method, the light distribution type of the lamps, installation height and distance shall meet the rules as below:

Light Distribution
Full cut-off luminaireHalf cut-off luminaireNon-cut-off luminaire
ArrangementHeight-H (M)Distance-s (M)Height-H (M)Distance-S (M)Height-H (M)Distance-S (M)
One sideH≥W effs≤3HH≥1.2W effs≤3.5HH≥1.4W effs≤4H
StaggeredH≥0.7W effs≤3HH≥0.8W effs≤3.5HH≥0.9W effs≤4H
SymmetricalH≥0.5W effs≤3HH≥0.6W effs≤3.5HH≥0.7W effs≤4H
Note: "W eff" means road effective width.

In addition, the Overhang length of the lamp shall not exceed 1/4 of the installation height, and the elevation Angle of the lamp shall not exceed 15°

For example, we choose Full cut-off luminaire type and one side installation, so H≥W eff, If W eff=8M, then installation height should be 8M, and installation distance is ≤24M (s≤3H).

Would it be helpful for you? Or if you think it's too trouble to remember and calculate it, then don't worry, we have a professional team to do all for you if you buy our lights.

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