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Six Small Tips To Help You Understand The Small Holes In LED Street Lights

Oct. 12, 2018

The technology is constantly developing, and there are more and more lighting methods. Among them, the LED at the front end of technology has developed more and more rapidly in recent years. Whether it is a home ceiling or a traffic street lamp, LEDs can be seen. Then, let's talk about common holes in Outdoor LED Street Light.

1.Counterfeit chip

The core of LED luminaires is the chip, which directly determines the performance of the luminaires! However, some unscrupulous merchants use the unprofessional customers, from the cost considerations, using low-cost chips, enabling customers to buy low-quality products at high unit prices, resulting in direct economics. Loss and cause serious quality hazards to LED lamps.

2. Power failure

In terms of driving power supply, if there is a fault in the power supply, during the test and inspection process, the phenomenon of “complete light extinguishing”, “partial damage”, “individual LED lamp bead dead light”, and “full light flashing bright” may occur.

3. The design of the light distribution system of the street lamp is unreasonable

In terms of optical design, if the design of the light distribution system of the street lamp is unreasonable, the lighting effect is not satisfactory. In the test, there will be problems such as "light under the light", "black under the light", "zebra crossing", "uneven illumination", "yellow circle" and so on.

4. The luminaire has substances harmful to the light source

The blackening of LED light sources is a problem often encountered by major LED companies. Most materials in luminaires require material investigations that affect the life of the source.

5. Copper wire pretending to be gold wire

Many LED manufacturers are trying to develop expensive gold wires such as copper alloys, gold-clad silver alloy wires, and silver alloys. Although these alternatives are superior to gold wires in some properties, they are much less chemically stable. For encapsulated silica gels similar to water-absorbing and breathable sponges, these alternatives make the bond wires more susceptible to chemical attack. The reliability is reduced, and the use time is long, and the LED lamp bead is more likely to be broken.

6. Poor heat dissipation design

In terms of heat dissipation design, for every 10 degrees increase in the PN junction temperature of the LED chip, the lifetime of the semiconductor device is multiplied. Due to the high brightness requirements of Solar LED Lamps, the use environment is harsh. If the heat dissipation is not well solved, the LED will be aging quickly and the stability will be reduced.

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