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Photoelectric Complementary Function makes up for the Defect of Solar Street Lighting System

May. 19, 2020

Photoelectric Complementary Function makes up for the Defect of Solar Street Lighting System


With the use of solar street lighting technology, solar street lights appear on the market. However, in the actual research and application of LED street lamps, some inherent defects of solar LED street lamps are unavoidable and difficult to overcome.


First of all, in this system with "energy conservation and environmental protection" as its main selling point, there is a huge waste of resources allocation. Because there are mandatory standards for street lighting products, including a "power failure rate," it does not allow it to work on rainy days as landscape lighting products. As a result, from the perspective of technical design, collect and reserves for energy must be basic on the worst climate conditions (the season of shortest sunshine time, continuous rainy days etc.), as a result, in the general using time, most of the energy configuration (solar cells) and electric storage device is idle, so it’s not only high cost for the system, but also opposite to the purpose of energy saving and integrated utilization.


Regarding to this defect, we have new solution for the government project, which needs continuous lighting and high lighting effect but electricity shortage or Seasonal climate changes greatly, furthermore, it already has AC power supply circuit, and want to replace them into DC power lights to save electricity. That is our Photoelectric Complementary system fixes on our regular solar street lights.


Features for solar street lights with Photoelectric Complementary function:


1.  Same appearance to our regular solar street lights, all in one or all in two design. Simple installation and just need one more cable to connect with AC power supply circuit.


2.  Cost saving: Built-in Smart controller to switchover AC & DC power automatically and swiftly, to make sure the use of solar lighting system maximumly, meanwhile no need to extend collocation (mainly for solar panel or battery) for the solar street lighting system.


•        Operating principle of solar street lights with Photoelectric Complementary Function:

•        DC power priority and AC & DC power switchover automatically.


Solar panel absorb energy from sunshine and then store it into battery at day time, and discharge energy at night to the lighting device. Normally, if there is enough sunshine at day time, battery energy is enough for lighting all night. When meeting cloudy or rainy days, battery energy may provide little time lighting and once controller detecting battery voltage is in low, it will switchover to AC power supply automatically and without lighting cut off, to keep the continuous lighting for the roads. Solar panel keep absorbing energy from sunshine next day and when battery voltage returns to normal, DC power would be used priority to lighting all night or switchover to AC power if battery energy is not enough. It loops over and over again like this way.






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