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How About The Power Generation Efficiency Of Solar Street Lamps?

Jul. 27, 2018

Conventional street lamps are getting less and less attention. The main reason is that these conventional street lamps have low power generation efficiency and low illumination brightness, which can easily cause traffic accidents during nighttime travel. Most of these conventional street lights are arranged in the same way, and the scenery is no longer. Now, people have gradually turned their attention to the new energy street lamp - Solar Street Lights.

The solar street lamp has high power generation efficiency. The actual power generation efficiency of the solar energy system is higher than the rated power. Therefore, the actual working time of the solar street lamp is very long, and the brightness is also bright enough to facilitate the illumination of people traveling and driving.

The solar street light source generally requires white light, so that it can be easily seen by people, reduce unnecessary traffic accidents, and bring protection to people's travel. As an outdoor street light, solar street light has really played its practical role, with high power generation efficiency, high brightness and good Solar Lighting.

 Solar Street Lights