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Purchase Details of Solar Street Lights

Jul. 28, 2021

With the gradual progress of environmentally friendly and low-carbon life, the inherent characteristics of solar lighting, such as safety and no danger, energy saving and no consumption, green environmental protection, simple equipment, automatic control and protection-free, etc. will directly bring significant benefits to the sale of real estate and the construction of municipal projects. Available advantages. Today, Alishine will bring you the details of solar road purchase, hope it will be helpful to you.


1. LED Light Source

Most of the Solar Street Lights on the market now use LED light sources, and most of them use 1W high power in terms of lamp beads, so in general, the power of a lamp bead is 1W.

 Purchase Details of Solar Street Lights

2. Solar panel

Solar street lights generally have two types of solar panels: single crystal and polycrystalline. Now the price of single crystal on the market tends to be higher than that of polycrystalline. We can measure it according to the scale area. The larger the scale area of the solar panel, the greater the power of the solar panel, and vice versa.

 Purchase Details of Solar Street Lights

3. Battery

Batteries are a very important part of the structure of solar street lights. Generally, there are three types of lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium batteries and colloidal batteries, and different varieties have different functions. Nowadays, colloidal and lithium batteries are more commonly used. The quality of lithium iron phosphate batteries is better and the cost is higher than the other two.

 Purchase Details of Solar Street Lights

4. Light pole

Solar street light poles generally need to consider both height and shape. The higher the height, the higher the price. If the shape of the pole has special requirements, the price will increase relatively.

 Purchase Details of Solar Street Lights

5. Controller

Poor quality of the manipulator will cause over-discharge. The result of over-discharge is that the lighting time does not meet the requirements, which will cause greater damage to the battery.

 Purchase Details of Solar Street Lights

Nowadays, energy conservation and environmental protection are being promoted globally, and solar street lights are popular with people for their superior energy-saving effect, pollution-free low-carbon lighting, and solar street lights will also become the mainstream trend of lighting in the future.


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