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Matters Needing Attention For Replacing Batteries By Solar Street Lamps

Jul. 09, 2018

1. Type of Solar Power Street Light battery

From colloid instead of hydrochloric acid to lithium battery, energy storage technology is more and more developed, and its discharge depth is higher and higher. Lithium batteries can theoretically reach 100% of the discharge depth, meaning that we will reduce the capacity of the battery relative to the colloid, but the current cost of lithium battery is higher than the colloid. But the progress of science and technology will solve these problems. People are also gradually starting to accept lithium solar street lamps, because their installation is more convenient, but the colloid solar street lamp is leading the whole solar market because of its stability and cost.

2. The battery voltage of solar street lamp is divided into several kinds

The battery voltage is divided into 12V/24V, and the replacement of the battery needs to pay attention to its configuration voltage, which can cause the damage of the controller or the light source, and the weight will damage the battery, causing unnecessary economic loss.

3, avoid the mixed use of lithium and colloid

If lithium and colloids are mixed, we need to pay attention to the difference in the use of the controller. Lithium batteries can reach 100% because of their discharge depth. If the ordinary controller is used, the controller can not start the controller when the battery is released. The lithium battery can use the solar panel voltage to enter the system and make the controller enter the working state.

The development of Solar Street Lighting System is becoming more and more advanced with the development of science and technology. People are instilling energy saving and environmental protection ideas into the whole solar system, such as solar street lamps and induction devices, and people will increase their brightness under them to achieve the effect of energy saving.

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