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Safety Of Solar Street Lampshades And Poles

Dec. 14, 2018

Some Solar Powered Street Lights are installed in some places with high wind speed and large air volume. Every year, there is an accident that the light pole is blown down. The lamps are often damaged due to wind damage, and the wind dust phenomenon is an important cause of the serious attenuation of the brightness of the lamps. . In general, solar street lights should pay attention to their safety for the production of lamps and poles.

As an important part of LED solar street lamps, the quality and opening method of the lamps are very important. The material must be aluminum casting alloy, the thickness should meet the requirements, the joints of each component should have good contact points, and the buckle parts are heavy. The weight of the previous lamps is due to the unreasonable design of the buckle, resulting in a large number of lamps damaged after each strong wind.

The height of the solar road light pole must be selected according to the width and use of the road. The ribs should be welded between the flange and the pole to ensure the strength of the bottom of the pole. In the past, because the galvanization of the lamp post was unqualified and no welding ribs were added, the bottom of the lamp post was severely corroded, and the phenomenon that the lamp post was blown off by the wind sometimes occurred. Therefore, the wall thickness of the pole, the thickness of the galvanizing and whether or not the welding rib is added is an important indicator of whether the pole is qualified or not, otherwise it cannot be used.

Therefore, we must consider not only the beauty and function of the solar street lamps, but also the wind and dust protection functions of the lamps and Solar Street Light Pole. Only in this way can we ensure the safe use of street lamps in urban infrastructure. It brings convenience to people's travel and life production.

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