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Why Is The Solar Garden Lamp Not Bright Enough?

Aug. 27, 2018

1, light damage

As a result of natural or man-made reasons caused damage to the light source, resulting in Solar Powered Street Light system can not work, when not on, flickering and so on.

Solution: overhaul light source or replace light source.

2, damage to solar panels

In the case of solar panels without any load connected to the multimeter to test its voltage, the general system operating voltage is 12v, normally higher than the 12V voltage, only the voltage higher than 12V can be charged to the battery, if less than 12V can not be charged to the battery. Solar street lamp system can not work or work time is not enough.

Solution: replace solar panels.

3. Positive and negative connection of solar panels

Solar Garden Lamp will only be turned on once after the system is installed, and when the battery is used up, the solar yard lights will never turn on again.

Solution: replace the positive and negative poles of solar panels.

Above is about the solar garden lamp does not light the reason and the processing method is introduced here, in order to ensure the normal work of the solar garden lamp, regular maintenance inspection is essential. Of course, once a fault occurs, it will be solved as long as it is solved according to the method.

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