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What Is The Appropriate Wattage For Solar Streetlights?

Sep. 25, 2018

How much is the Solar LED Street Light source installed, and what are the factors related to the size of the light source? Let Solar Led Outdoor Lights Manufacturers briefly introduce the main factors affecting the size of the light source: the hardness of the illumination, the height of the pole or the width of the road. The main factor of the size of the solar street light source under normal conditions is this factor, but there is no industry standard on the market. And the national standard, resulting in a lot of solar street light source size is also not standardized. Here we want to introduce the height and width of the street light and the source of the light source, often people ask, what is the distance between the solar street lights? In accordance with the standards of the new rural construction, we hereby recommend to you a plan for solar street light source:

5 meter solar street light with light source: 9 watts - 18 watts;

6m solar street light with light source: 18W-30W;

7 meter solar street light with light source: 30 watts - 42 watts;

8 meter solar street light with light source: 42 watts - 60 watts;

9 meter solar street light with light source: 60 watts - 80 watts;

10 meters solar street light with light source: 80-100 watts;

This lamp arrangement is the most common solution for building solar street lamps in the new countryside. How about the brightness of the light source according to such standards? A very vivid sentence is: reading under the book is no problem, so if you install solar energy streetlights in the new rural construction, you can design according to this standard, in addition to meeting the requirements of normal lighting, while saving engineering costs; Consumers don't understand, blindly demanding a little brighter, the bigger the better, in fact, the cost of solar street lights has a great relationship with the configuration plan, unlike ordinary street lights, just a light source problem from 18 watts to 100 watts, the overall cost plus Not much money, but if the solar street light changes from 18 watts to 100 watts, the cost of the whole set will increase exponentially, because the solar street light is a system, each component will change with the corresponding factors, and the cost is It is also constantly changing; so to be a professional solar street light solution, you must refer to the specific project case plan and experience the brightness of the program!

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