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How Is The Solar Street Light Controller Waterproof?

Nov. 03, 2018

The Solar Power Street Light controller is waterproof, and the solar street light controller is mostly installed in the lampshade and battery box. Generally, it will not enter the water. However, in the actual engineering case, some of the circuit boards of the controller are not made of three anti-paints because of improper installation. The treatment will cause a short circuit because the rainwater flows into the solar street light controller along the external wiring of the controller terminal. Therefore, during construction, it should be noted that the internal connection line of the controller terminal is bent into a "U" shape and solidified, and the exposed connection line is also fixed to the "U" type, so that the rainwater cannot be dripped into the controller to cause a short circuit. It can also be waterproofed by applying waterproof glue to the inner and outer wire interfaces.

In the practical application of many Outdoor LED Street Light, solar street lamps in many places can not meet the normal lighting needs, especially in the continuous rainy days and winter light shortage periods, in addition to the use of poor quality related components, another major reason It is to reduce the cost of components blindly, not to design and configure according to requirements, to reduce the use of battery panels and batteries, so that the street lights can not provide illumination in rainy days.

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