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The Features Of Course Solar Light

Nov. 15, 2018

The Solar Power Street Light for the stadium is made of aluminum profile, which is simple and compact in structure, beautiful in appearance and good in heat dissipation. The stadium uses solar lights with high-brightness white LED as the light source, no flicker, no ultraviolet radiation, no light pollution, no mercury, no fragile glass, green, long life, fast start, high color rendering index. The solar light used in the stadium uses high-quality LED as the light source. The light effect is high and the distribution is even. The Solar LED Lamps shell and heat dissipation are integrated, which avoids the drawback that the traditional lamp housing can not solve the LED heat dissipation. 

The aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity is used as the heat dissipation body. The oxidation process is used to ensure heat dissipation while using corrosion-resistant constant current source to ensure long-term stable operation of the entire lamp in different environments. The stadium uses solar lights to save up to 65% of high brightness. Special different visual angles, diversified design; instant start, no glare, no sound; built-in high efficiency (95%) thermal protection system, constant current drive can ensure the stable operation of the lamp under unstable voltage conditions.

Solar LED Lamps