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The Main Problem To Pay Attention To Solar Street Lights

Feb. 16, 2019

1. Determine the appropriate source of Solar Power Street Light . In the process of road construction, different power sources are different in configuration and production. Only careful determination of street lamp power meter configuration can ensure the quality of street lamps; 2. According to the realization requirements Street lamp system setting, different roads, different needs for lighting time is not the same, the general street lighting time is set at 4-8 hours, to ensure continuous lighting for 3-5 rainy days;

3. After the Integrated Solar Street Light configuration is completed, the manufacturer still needs to provide good installation and after-sales service. The most important thing for solar street lamp installation is to realize the system's good photoelectric conversion to ensure the stable operation of the system.

In the construction of solar street lights, only the detailed construction plan of the street lights and the good after-sales installation guarantee can be realized according to the actual needs of the users to achieve stable and reliable road lighting.

Integrated Solar Street Light