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How To Solve The Waterproof Problem Of Solar Street Light Controller?

Feb. 25, 2019

As a kind of green and clean energy, solar energy is rapidly becoming widely used. LED has the characteristics of small size, sturdy and durable, low power consumption, long life, environmental protection, and good light color performance. The output of the solar cell is direct current, and the LED is also a direct current driving source. The two are easy to match, and the high utilization rate can be obtained, and the cost is reduced. Therefore, the Solar Power Street Light has received more and more attention.

 It has always been a hot and rainy season in summer. In the case of continuous rainfall, the road surface is easy to form with water, so how to avoid the impact of solar street lights, how to solve the waterproof problem of solar street light controller?

Most of the Solar LED Lamps controllers are installed in the lampshade and battery box, and generally do not enter the water. However, in the actual engineering case, some of the boards of the controller are not properly installed or the circuit board of the controller is not treated with three anti-paints. The external wiring of the controller terminal flows into the solar street light controller to cause a short circuit. Therefore, during construction, care should be taken to bend the internal connection line of the controller terminal into a “U” shape and solid type. The exposed connection line is also fixed to “U” type, so that rainwater cannot be dripped into the controller and short circuit. It can also be waterproofed by applying waterproof glue to the inner and outer wire interfaces.

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