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What Are The Effects Of Street Lights?

Jan. 29, 2019

1. Street lights are the primary lighting effect

Street lamps are road vehicles and vehicles that are used on nights or in urban areas to provide lighting effects. They must meet the basic needs of road lighting brightness, and have a long life and long-lasting application.

2. Street lights should pay attention to glare

Street lamps should use light energy reasonably to prevent glare. The light emitted by the light is irradiated along the viewpoint, falls on the road surface in a specified pattern, the light is evenly distributed, the road surface is bright, and the glare is small. In order to reduce glare, the light distribution can be controlled above the maximum light intensity. According to the road section method, width, vehicle and pedestrian conditions, the road lights can be placed symmetrically on both sides of the road, staggered on both sides, one side and the center of the road. Today's High Configuration LED Solar Street Lights also have the requirements of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection, and are the primary direction for future development.

3. The effect of street lights on the environment and safety

Solar Powered LED Street Light can also change people's moods, improve people's moods, and can change people's ideas and invent a light and dark palette-like night. In the daytime, streetlights can decorate the city; at night, streetlights can provide the necessary lighting and day-to-day conveniences, add a sense of security to the residents, and highlight the city's highlights and create a bright and beautiful style.

Solar Powered LED Street Light