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What Are The Reasons For Inducing Solar Street Light Failure?

Oct. 20, 2018

Solar Powered Light and solar garden lights are green products. Under normal circumstances, there are few problems with solar street lights. Solar photovoltaic components have about seven components. Solar photovoltaic components include: solar modules, batteries, controllers, battery boxes, and foundations. Parts, solar brackets, inverters, etc. What causes solar street lights to fail? According to the experience of energy-saving technicians for many years, the following points are summarized:

1. Construction and installation. In the construction, due to unqualified quality, the proportion of failures is relatively large. Mainly reflected in: First, the depth of the cable trench is not enough, the paving brick is not constructed according to the standard; second, the production and installation of the aisle tube does not meet the requirements; third, the basic pre-embedded pipe is not constructed according to the standard requirements, mainly embedded The tube is too thin, plus the camber of the movement, it is quite difficult to wear the cable.

2. Street lamp materials. With the increase of competitive pressure in the market, most of the current market adoptions are price campaigns, which has led many manufacturers to reduce the procurement of products, resulting in the failure of street lamps, mainly in the following: the lead contains less lead and hardness. Thin insulation layer, etc.

3. Design of solar street lighting schemes. When the solar street light is close to which streetlight, which circuit is connected, and the rapid development of the advertising industry in recent years, too much advertising load is connected to the street lamp, which makes the load of the street lamp too large, the cable is overheated, and the insulation is lowered. A short circuit has occurred.

 Solar Street Lamp Manufacturers Tips Everyone must find the root cause of the fault in time when the solar street light fails, so that the problem can be effectively solved and the accident can be minimized.

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