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The Difference And Connection Between Solar Street Lights And Circuit Lights

Oct. 22, 2018

In front of us, we introduced the seven characteristics of Solar Powered Street Light and solar street lights. Maybe we don't know the difference between solar street lights and city circuit lights. Let's introduce the difference between them:

Installation comparison When installing solar street lights, there is no need to set up complex lines. Only make a cement base and make a battery pit within 1m. Fix it with galvanized bolts. There are complicated operating procedures in the construction of circuit lights in the city. First of all, it is necessary to provide a large number of civil constructions such as cables, trenching pipes, pipe threading, backfilling, etc., which consumes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Finally, debugging is required, and if there is a problem, it is very expensive.

Cost comparison Solar street lights are invested once and benefited for a long time. Because the lines are simple, no maintenance costs are incurred and no expensive electricity costs are incurred. The cost will be recovered in 6-7 years, and the electricity and maintenance costs will be saved by more than 1 million in the next 3-4 years. The city's circuit lights have high electricity costs and complicated lines, and it is necessary to maintain the lines for a long time without interruption. In the case of special voltage instability, the sodium lamp is easy to be damaged, and as the age increases, the line aging and maintenance costs are increasing year by year.

Safety comparison Solar LED Street Light adopts 12-24V low voltage, stable voltage, reliable operation and no hidden dangers. It is an ideal product for ecological community and road administration departments. The safety of circuit lights in the city is great. People's living environment is changing constantly. Road reconstruction, landscape engineering construction, power supply is not normal, and cross-construction of water gas pipelines brings many hidden dangers.

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