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What About The Stability Of Solar Street Lamps?

Feb. 11, 2019

1,Not suddenly extinguish: Solar Powered Street Light is to absorb the sun's solar energy as energy, when there is sunlight to charge the battery, the environment is dim to a certain extent when the battery will give street lamp lighting work to provide operating power, so there will be no sudden blackout. The solar street light is powered by a DC power source. There is only a small chance that a problem will occur. If there is a problem with the solar battery, then it will not suddenly turn off the light, but will gradually dim in the next period of time. . At this time, the quality inspection of solar street lamps is increased to avoid unnecessary losses.

2, Outdoor LED Street Light source quality: Solar street light source is generally used LED lamp head, because LED lamp head has many advantages, long lighting life (can have about 50,000 hours), and will not emit too much heat when used This greatly extends the life of the light source.

3, A number of consecutive rainy days can also be used normally: solar street lights use solar energy to generate electricity, so in the days without sunlight can also be normal lighting work. Solar street lamp manufacturers will also consider these aspects when designing solar street lights. Then, through communication with customers, they will configure suitable street lamp accessories according to the local rainy weather conditions provided by customers to solve the most local It can work even in rainy and rainy days, and there will be no situation where there is no electricity to turn off the lights.

Solar Powered Street Light