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Why Do The Light Sources Of Solar Street Lights Need To Be Packaged?

Mar. 15, 2019

Nowadays, Solar Powered Street Light are now widely used in cities, villages, communities, factories, tourist attractions and other places. Compared with general street lamps, solar street light devices are relatively simple, do not need to lay cables, do not generate electricity charges, use direct current, good stability, use solar energy as a new energy source, energy saving and environmental protection.

So, why should the light source of solar street lamps be packaged? What are the advantages of packaging it? Let Solar Led Lamps Manufacturers tells us about it::

1. Avoid moisture, dust, etc. from external invasion;

2. Support the wire by mechanical means;

3. Effectively discharge the heat generated inside;

4. Supply a body that can be held by hand.

Therefore, the primary purpose of the solar street lamp manufacturer's light source packaging is to maintain the airtightness of the solar street light source itself, and to maintain it without being affected by the humidity and temperature in the surrounding environment, and to avoid damage to the electronic components caused by mechanical vibration and impact. Changes in component characteristics.

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