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Four Major Mistakes In Choosing Solar Street Lights

Sep. 10, 2018

Solar Street Lights are favored by more people because of energy conservation and environmental protection. However, some consumers are not very clear about solar street lamps. At the time of purchase, they often only seek high brightness, shape and low price, ignoring the two most important points of lighting products: Quality and cost performance. In fact, such an idea is not correct. The following are the four major misunderstandings of consumers choosing solar street lights.

(1) The pursuit of high brightness of solar street lights

We all know that different occasions have different lighting standards, and the pursuit of high brightness is both wasteful and harmful to people. Therefore, first of all, we must confirm the lighting demand and then choose the solar street light that meets our needs.

(2) Solar Power Street Light nominal power and operating power

Since the solar street light can be intelligently controlled to automatically adjust the power according to requirements at different time periods, the use area and rated power are different.

(3) The actual service life and data nominal are different

 The average LED life can reach 100,000 hours, but the solar street lamp system is composed of solar panels, batteries, controllers, light poles, light sources, etc., wherein the life of the solar panels is 25 years, and the life of the batteries is three to five years. The life of solar street light controllers is two to five years.

(4) Product pricing

The price reflects a combination of cost, quality and brand value. It is closely related to the configuration, ultra-low-cost solar street light products are inevitably unable to guarantee the use, but the ultra-high-priced solar street light system will certainly be a waste of funds beyond the use of configuration requirements or virtual high components.

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