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Which Light Source Does The Solar Street Light Use?

Feb. 21, 2019

What kind of light source is used for Solar Power Street Light is an important indicator for whether solar lamps can be used normally. Generally, solar lamps use low-voltage energy-saving lamps, low-voltage lamps, electrodeless lamps, and LED light sources.

(1) Low-voltage energy-saving lamps: low power, high luminous efficiency, but the service life is 2000 hours, the low voltage tube is black, generally suitable for solar lawn lights and garden lights.

(2) Low-pressure sodium lamp: Low-pressure sodium has high light efficiency (up to 200Lm/w) and is used less.

(3) Induction lamp: low power and high luminous efficiency. The lamp is used under normal commercial conditions of 22V (pure sine wave, frequency 50 Hz), and its life can reach 50,000 hours. The service life on solar lamps is greatly reduced and it is similar to ordinary energy-saving lamps.

(4) LED: LED light source, long life, up to 1000000 hours, low operating voltage, no inverter, high light efficiency, with the advancement of technology, the performance of Outdoor LED Street Light will be further improved. LEDs as a source of solar street lights will be a trend.

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