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[Solar Street Light For Sale]How to detect the configuration of solar street lamps?

May. 16, 2019

How to detect the configuration of solar street lamps shared by the led solar street light supplier.

First: the pearl effect of LED lamp used in solar street lamps is very important. Although some LED lamp beads can reach a certain wattage, they often fail to achieve the light effect. When choosing LED lamp beads, it is necessary to select them. The radiator of solar street lamp light source is an important factor to improve the service life of LED light source, and also an important factor to reduce light decay. If the heat dissipation is not good, the service life of the light source will be greatly shortened.

Second: the battery solar street lamps, try choosing high quality lithium batteries, some manufacturer will use some poor lithium batteries, lithium batteries such as life can not meet the expected demand, a certain capacity of lithium battery has the corresponding weight, can undertake weighing lithium-ion batteries for solar street lamp, must not choose weight difference is too large.

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Third: solar panels solar panels solar street lamps quality is difficult to see out from the naked eye, but we can examine his seal, process details, thickness and the quality of the aluminum frame and tempered glass, some undesirable businessman in order to save the cost would be to use inferior toughened glass and thin aluminum frame as solar cells, fixtures, such solar panels solar street lamps often easy to damage in transit, poor resistance to hail ability in the process of use, easy to into the rain, so we in the choice it is important to note that these solar panels.

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