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Why Are Solar Street Lights Not Shining In Continuous Cloudy Days?

Sep. 21, 2018

Solar street lights use solar energy to provide electricity for street lights. In the daytime, solar street lights use solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery through the solar street light controller. At night, the controller is used to control the battery to supply power to the street light source. If continuous rainy weather, the solar street light converts solar energy into electrical energy. The efficiency is very low, even without energy conversion, how to ensure the power supply to the street light source? What are the main reasons for the lack of solar street lights in continuous rainy days?

First, in the initial design of Solar Street Lighting System, it is necessary to consider the solar street lights using local solar energy resources, climate and other conditions, and rationally configure the solar street light system. Before the advent of continuous rainy days, it is necessary to design the electric energy converted by the solar panel and the storage capacity of the battery under the condition of sufficient sunshine to fully satisfy the power supply of the longest continuous rainy street light source in the local area. In actual use, there are some manufacturers or suppliers that cannot properly configure the solar street light system according to local characteristics, or because their customers are blindly pursuing the lowest price, some suppliers have to reduce the configuration in order to promote this business, which is causing the solar street lights to be continuous and rainy. One of the reasons why sometimes it does not light up.

Second, the quality of the Solar LED Lamps head is not closed, the waterproof effect of the lamp is not up to, and the light source is damaged after the lamp head enters the water;

Third, the solar street light controller is damaged. Some controllers are not waterproof, and continuous rainy days will come to cause water ingress and invert damage.

Fourth, the line has wear, open circuit, short circuit, poor contact at the terminal. The relationship with its construction quality is relatively large, and professional construction workers should be employed for construction.

Fifth. The installation location of solar street lights is unreasonable. Some solar street lights are installed in shaded areas, causing insufficient power generation and long battery losses, which seriously affect the use and life.

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