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The Problems That Solar Street Lighting Needs To Be Solved

Oct. 26, 2018

At present, Solar Street Lights need to solve the following problems

Solve the problem 1: Improve the conversion rate of solar cells. The conversion rate of monocrystalline silicon solar cells is 17% (about 13% for polysilicon and less than 10% for amorphous silicon). We should work hard to improve the conversion efficiency of solar panels and use solar street lamps in various high-power lighting places.

Solve the problem two: reduce the price of solar cells. This is one of the ways to promote Solar Power Street Light.

Solve the problem three: improve the battery life. The service life of solar cells is more than 25 years, while the service life of ordinary batteries is 2 to 3 years. The battery is the weakest link in the solar power system. As a leading technology company in the solar street lighting industry, Shijiazhuang Enze Solar can extend the battery life to 8-10 years, but it has to be broken compared to the battery board. The short battery life makes the operating cost of solar street lamps increase, which limits the promotion of solar street lamps.

Problem 4: Improve the environmental friendliness of the system. At present, due to price and technology factors, solar-powered street lamps generally use maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, and improving the utilization rate of lead-free batteries is an arduous task. The cost of using a lithium battery or a large capacitor is too high. What alternative products are the direction we need to study.

Problem 5: Standardize product labeling and improve product quality. Develop solar product quality standards and testing systems to improve product quality.

Problem 6: Photovoltaic lighting design and product serialization. It is necessary to standardize and serialize the design and product of solar street lamps and lawn lamps in various regions, eliminating the complicated calculation and selection process. Now many solar manufacturers do not scientifically calculate, causing many lamps to fail to achieve the expected brightness or rainy days and service life after installation.

Solve Problem 7: Develop design standards for solar street lights. Solar street lights are new things, solar cell, battery selection, wind resistance calculations, etc. should be set as soon as possible to improve the design level of solar street lights and promote the development of solar lighting.

Solve the problem eight: anti-theft. Further improve the anti-theft measures of solar street lighting system components such as batteries.

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