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UV Sterilizing Lamps to Kill COVID-19

Jun. 10, 2020

We have been suffering from the New virus of COVID-19 since the latter half of 2019, and it becomes a global pestilence in 2020. It’s a nightmare for us, peoples from different countries are united to against it. Doors of each nations are shut down for avoiding the spreading of it. With the coming of Summer, temperature become hotter and hotter, the epidemic become under control and nation doors are open again. Meanwhile, we still need to pay attention to it. We need something to protect us for both going out or stay at home. Except of facemasks, we have another good thing for better protection, that is, the most popular product recently-UV LAMPS.

UV Sterilizing Lamps to Kill COVID-19


What’s UV LAMPS?

UV sterilizing lamp is a lamp made of special function of ultraviolet ray. It is actually a type of low-pressure mercury lamp. Low-pressure mercury lamps emit UV light by being activated at lower mercury vapor pressures (<10-2Pa). There are mainly two spectral lines: one is the wavelength of 253.7nm, the other is the 185nm, both of which are invisible to our eye.

 UV Sterilizing Lamps to Kill COVID-19


What’s the operating principle of UV LAMPS?

Ultraviolet rays are powerful killers of bacteria and virus, so UV LAMPS are made according to this principle. With the special material of the uviol glass or quartz glass, Ultraviolet light penetrates the quartz glass to kill virus.

 UV Sterilizing Lamps to Kill COVID-19


How can UV LAMPS kill the virus? I cannot see virus, so does UV light.

Sterilization lamp do not need to be converted to visible light, because cells have a pattern for absorbing light waves, Uv radiation of 250~270nm can be absorbed to the maximum. The absorbed ULTRAVIOLET ray actually ACTS on the cell genetic material namely DNA, it plays a kind of photochemical action, the energy of ultraviolet photon is absorbed by the base pair in DNA, cause genetic material to produce mutation, make the bacterium dies immediately or cannot breed offspring, achieve the purpose of sterilization. So the 253.7nm wavelength of UV LAMPS has a good bactericidal effect.

 UV Sterilizing Lamps to Kill COVID-19


UV LAMPS will kill cells of virus, would it be harmful for human beings?

Since UV rays will kill cells, be careful not to expose them to People's skin directly, especially to people's eyes, so do not look directly at the lamp tube when turning on the light. Because the shortwave ultraviolet ray does not pass through the ordinary glass, wearing glasses can avoid eye damage. Generally, it’s not serious for our eyes for looking it in a short time, just like the sunburn, so if you fell your eyes injury carelessly, eye drops or human breast can help you recover. Do not use ozone lamp tube in where people staying, as it will be harmful for people if ozone concentration is high.

UV Sterilizing Lamps to Kill COVID-19



When using UV LAMPS, what other things should we pay attention to?

1. Cover your rare painting and calligraphy, to prevent long-term ultraviolet radiation making them oxydic or discolor.

2. When cleaning UV LAMPS, cut off the power supply and use a clean soft cloth or alcohol to wipe it, do not use gasoline and other organic solvents to clean it.

3. Prevent children from playing and touching, it is toxic for filled with mercury vapor.

4. Open the window for ventilation after indoor disinfection.

5. Ultraviolet rays can cause burns to the eyes and skin so people and animals should leave the sterilizing scene within 10 seconds.

6. It’s only effected for specific viruses, microbes and bacteria, but no effect for insects, cockroaches, fleas and other organisms.

 UV Sterilizing Lamps to Kill COVID-19


What’s the Application field for UV LAMPS?

UV LAMPS is widely used in the world, such as hospital, school, nursery, cinema, bus, office, family etc. It can purify air, eliminate musty smell, furthermore, it still can produce certain amount of negative oxygen ion, after ultraviolet ray disinfect for the room, its air is particularly pure and fresh. Ultraviolet disinfection in public places can prevent some germs from spreading through the air or through surfaces. The application of ultraviolet sterilization lamp with long life in water disinfection and environmental protection engineering is of great significance.

 UV Sterilizing Lamps to Kill COVID-19


Where can I buy the UV LAMPS?

You can buy from local shops for personal using, but if you want to do wholesale or retails, suggest to import from China. During the epidemic period, we developed some UV LAMPS to help clients to promote their business, if you also need them, welcome to send me inquiry, I will offer you with best discount.

UV Sterilizing Lamps to Kill COVID-19


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