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What are the technological innovations of solar street lights in the next five years

Dec. 18, 2019

10 high-tech innovations in solar street lights in future

Solar street lights have been around for decades. With the continuous advancement of technology, people's requirements are getting higher and higher. Solar street light products are constantly being updated and replaced. From the original lead-acid gel batteries as storage Energy-saving batteries to the present lithium battery, energy saving and environmental protection, has always been the core around its replacement. However, with the advent of the intelligent era, we also have new requirements for solar street light products, which has promoted the continuous progress and development of solar street light industry technology. As a pioneer in the application of interconnected technology in the solar street light industry, and participated in drafting a number of national and industry standards for Langyue Energy, which technologies make Langyue Energy stand out in the market?

1. Global IoT control

Global remote control, one-click management system

The Internet of Things technology is a technology that has been much sought after in various industries in recent years. The so-called Internet of Things is the use of radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners and other information sensing equipment. The agreed protocol is a network technology that connects any item with the Internet for information exchange and communication to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.

Langyue Energy Global IoT control technology is based on ziggbe, NB-IOT, real-time status query and monitoring management of street lights through terminals such as PC, mobile phone and PAD, realizing remote intelligent control, greatly saving manpower and material resources of street light management The most important thing is that the overall management and control of street lights is more convenient and efficient, breaking the traditional street light management model.

2. Full system lighting mode

One-click custom lighting solution to meet various lighting needs

We know that traditional solar street lights cannot remotely adjust the brightness and other parameters of street lights, especially for specific road sections and climates. Quick adjustments are not available for the Langyue Solar IoT street lights. The lighting strategy can be freely selected, and the lighting effect is more user-friendly. Efficiency, lighting mode is more in line with user needs.

3. Full line status query

Support mobile terminal access, check street light status anytime, anywhere

In general, if you want to understand the situation of solar street lights, you need to visit the site in person, and sometimes you need to drive to remote mountain areas, and even pay a large price to rent a crane. And Langyue Solar IoT street lights, you can easily view the power, temperature and other data of various lamps when working in the background through PC, mobile phone, PAD. Through the data, the root cause of the abnormality can be judged in time, and the manual maintenance cost is reduced, which greatly facilitates the user's understanding of the current performance of the street light.

4. Fully automatic monitoring

Automatic environmental monitoring, pre-judgment in advance

In the past, the maintenance of street lights, especially the repair work of street lights, were mostly reflected by customers, or we sent special personnel to conduct regular inspections until problems were found, and then arranged for repairs, etc., which greatly reduced the maintenance work of street lights. Efficiency, and bring bad user experience to customers.

Starting from the customer experience, the Langyue Solar IoT street light can not only automatically monitor the working environment of solar street lights, but also predict failures in advance and update data in real time through the interface, which is simple to operate and easier to maintain.

5. Annual power regulation

Intelligent detection of energy consumption, more power-saving and rain-resistant

As we all know, the energy of solar street lights comes from sunlight, so when it comes to continuous rainy weather in rainy areas, if you want to achieve continuous lighting all night, more stringent technical requirements are imposed on solar street lights. In response to this phenomenon, Langyue Energy uses "smart power adjustment technology" to enable the system to automatically sense the recent weather conditions. When it encounters continuous rainy days, it can automatically adjust the power to extend the lighting time, especially one of the main series products. The Rain King can light up all night for 15 consecutive rainy days, making the lighting mode of solar street lights more reasonable.

6. All-day battery protection

Temperature and humidity detection system to actively protect the battery

Solar street lights are composed of light sources, photovoltaic components, light poles, and storage control systems. If solar street lights are compared to a car, oil is like photovoltaic components of solar street lights, and the core engine is the solar street light storage and control system. The service life of the storage control system determines the service life of solar street lights to a certain extent. The Langyue Energy lithium battery storage control system can monitor the battery working environment around the clock. At extremely low temperatures, the system automatically turns on the temperature compensation device to ensure the normal operation of the battery. At the same time, the dual protection of the protection board and the control area prevents the battery from being overcharged and overcharged, prolongs the service life, and achieves the perfect matching of various components of the solar street light.

7. Full safety warning

Automatic alarm for battery abnormality to prevent battery spontaneous combustion and explosion

Lithium batteries have a risk of spontaneous explosion and self-ignition when the charging voltage is too large. The "full-process safety early warning technology" mastered by Langyue Energy will automatically alarm when the system detects abnormal conditions such as excessive battery compartment temperature or excessive charging voltage, effectively preventing safety issues such as spontaneous combustion and explosion caused by abnormal battery.

8. New function expansion

Support PM2.5 detection, video surveillance and other extensions

In the construction of a smart city, street lights spreading over the roads have become the best carriers of smart links.

The multi-functional expansion makes the function of solar street lights not only limited to lighting, but also a symbol of urban comprehensive functional bodies. Langyue Solar IoT street lights can access various functions, such as (video surveillance, LED screen, broadcast broadcast, etc.). The street lights also support PM2.5 detection. The data obtained is used to adjust the brightness. When the PM2.5 index is high, When the brightness is increased, the normal brightness is maintained on the contrary, so that the lighting effect of the street light is more ideal.

9. Full-position microwave induction

Microwave radar induction, intelligent adjustment of light and dark

In most occasions, the pedestrian flow will experience high and low peaks. When the pedestrian flow is sparse at night, if the solar street light is kept at full power, it will cause waste of energy. Lang Yue Energy will adapt to the different needs of different customers. Introducing the full-position microwave induction technology, so that the solar street light can turn on the microwave induction mode at a specific time, people come brighter, people walk darker, effectively save power output, and make the street light function more intelligent.

10. Dedicated artisan design

Industrial aesthetic design, artisan innovation spirit

Solar street lights, as many public facilities for urban and road presentation, beautiful design, can add icing on the image of the city. Langyue Energy, adhering to ingenious design and ingenious manufacturing, each product incorporates design inspiration and gives the product vitality. With the innovative spirit and industrial aesthetics design concepts specially researched by artisans, solar street lights have become a brightening and beautifying road. Angel, become a new beautiful landscape of the city.

I believe many people will exclaim: Solar street lights can still have this kind of operation. In the era of Internet of Everything, only mastering the core technology can open up a new market outlet and represent the future development direction of the industry.

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